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Sell merchandise before, during, and after your event has expired. All products are listed in the marketplace, no event required. Save up to 14% in processing fees.

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Automate raising funds for your next event. Take advantage of email invitations, event page sponsor proposals, secure payment processing, and quick access to funds.

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Purcahse promotion space on multiple event pages within the marketplace. Market your events and products towards a larger audience for more sales.

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Perfect for event organizers, online retailers, and music artists.

Event Organizers

Take the challenge out of registration for your event. Automate the process of creating event pages, managing registration, and selling tickets in (3) easy steps and save 20% on ticket fees. Take advantage of features like upsells or reward attendees with a digital swag bag.

Online Retailers

Leverage the event market for more sales. Sell products within the marketplace or host your own event and presale products. Increase your reach by promoting your product across multiple events with your target market. Save up to 14% in processing fees - no setup costs or monthly fees.

Music Artists

Introduce your music to a brand new audience. Easily manage inventory and set your own pricing. Sell your music in the marketplace, your webiste or blog and retain up to 91% of the profit. Start capturing lead data from your sales so you can follow-up with fans on your next release.

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Process credit cards and secure your data with Stripe's 256-bit SSL encryption.

Affiliate Sales

Earn residual income by getting people to sign-up for FreshSqz.

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Trace transactions back to your top product, best promoter, and frequent customers.

Manage Shipping

Set your own rates. Get notified of purchase orders via email or text.

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Embed your product or ticket offers directly on your website or blog.

Quick Payouts

Transfer funds to your bank account every (2) days after the first payout.

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