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The Opportunity

Are you interested in earning more income? FreshSqz's affiliate program can make it happen. Affiliates will share in the growth and success of our network.

FreshSqz is offering residual commission payments for registering new members.

What Is Required?

Spread the word about FreshSqz using the affiliate embed codes and links. To fulfill your requirement for each account as an affiliate, a prospect or contact must create a new member account using your affiliate ID code.

We pay commissions on ticket sales, event up-sells, and product sales. With commission transfers every 2 weeks, our current program pays for the life of every credited account.

How Do You Earn Commissions?

The affiliate commission is derived from the FreshSqz service fees.

As an example: $10.00 in FreshSqz service fees multiplied by a Tier 1 commission of buyer and seller would be a total of $1.50. You will receive automated commissions on every transaction from your member accounts.

What Are The Commission Rates?

You can automate affiliate commissions from the 2-Tiers explained below.

Tier 1



Tier 2


Our rates are based on a transaction model, so you can get paid for members who are buyers and sellers. Every transaction has a buyer and a seller. The table below explains our model.

2-Tier Commission Model

Transaction Rate Paid
Tier 1 Buyer (ONLY) 7.5%
Tier 1 Seller (ONLY) 7.5%
Tier 1 Buyer & Seller 15%
Tier 2 Buyer (ONLY) 2.5%
Tier 2 Seller (ONLY) 2.5%
Tier 2 Buyer & Seller 5%
You have the possibility of automating up to a (20%) commission rate for each transaction!

Explain The 2-Tiers?

Tier 1:

A member who joined using your affiliate Id. This id can be tracked from the affiliate embed codes and links.

Tier 2:

Any Tier 1 account you are credited with can also become an affiliate. If they do, you will be compensated Tier 2 rates on all Tier 1 accounts associated to YOUR Tier 1 affiliates. This is how our opportunity can be lucrative for anyone!

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Get paid every 2 weeks

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