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Day-of Event Features

Onsite Registration

Sell tickets and register attendees from your desktop terminal, phone, or tablet computers.

Check-In Attendees

Allow entry to your event by scanning the tickets QR code, manual validation using our check-in tool, or checking off attendees from a printed list.

Registration Options

RSVP-Only Option

Avert having attendees fill out billing information and receive ticket confirmation via email.

Custom Registration Form

Learn more about your attendees by adding additional questions to your registration form.

Multi-Session Registration

Authorize attendees to register for multiple activities outside of the main event, such as classes.

Multiple Price Options

Setup multiple pricing options and deadlines for registering to the same event.

Email Confirmation

Attendees will receive an email confirmation after completing registration and ticket purchase.

Upsell Opportunity

Introduce attendees to further upgrades and add-on options during registration.

Online Registration

Permit your audience to quickly register and buy tickets from their computer, tablet, and mobile device.

Group Registration

Allow your attendees to register multiple people at once. Manually distribute tickets after purchase.

Private Registration

Limit visibility and registration to your private event to a select audience only.

Event Management

Event CRM

Collect a variety of data after each order is processed that can be used for marketing and follow-ups.

Auto Notifications

Be notified by email or text when required to ship products or attend to sponsor and co-promotion applicants.

Manage Sessions

Log all your speaker profiles and session details within a segmented tab on your event page.

Respond To Questions

Mitigate concerns and answer questions through your event organizer email account.

Attendance Sheets

Print your registered attendance list out and manually check names off at the door.

Product Shipping

Sell from anywhere, anytime, and ship. Conveniently display shipping cost and print shipping labels for physical products during purchase.

Create Event Pages

Launch your event page by filling out a simple form and edit its details on the fly at anytime.

Tickets & Products

Free E-Tickets

Your event will cost you nothing in fees as long as you are distributing free tickets.

Collect Donations

Charities and non-profits can enable donations during the ticket purchase process.

Ticket Discounts

Attract more attendees and incentivize early registration with a variety of discount options.

Self Check-in

Attending an event with no security risk? Allow your guests to check themselves in upon arrival.

Product Discounts

Incentivize your to buy more and buy often using multiple discount offers for your merchandise.

Mobile Sync

Keep your ticket receipt and any proof-of-purchase available for reference on your mobile device.


Expand your online sales by promoting on other FreshSqz member events.

Pre-Sale & Post Sale

Created offers for a limited time that will only be available before or after the event.

Transfer Tickets

Allow ticket purchasers who might have a change in plans to forward their ticket to another person.

Print From Home

Print your ticket and proof-of-purchases from home.

Multiple Ticket Types

Offer attendees a variety of ways to enter an event including: paid, free, and ticket donations.

Virtual Swagbag

Connect promoters to your audience with online goody bags for you awesome event.

Purchase Capacity

Limit your venue capacity, promo code usage, and number of tickets available for purchase.

Digital Products

Sell consumers access to your digital files like: e-books and MP3 music.

Payment Options

Merchant Account

Sync your Stripe account to FreshSqz or start a new account to start accepting payments.

Accept Credit Cards

Major credit cards include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Account Payouts

Get paid every two days. Have all of your sales profits from events and products deposited directly into your bank account.

Pass On Fees

Pass the processing fees onto your attendees or absorb the fees yourself during purchase.

Transaction Records

Print out comprehensive reports or download all of your sales and fee information.

Easily Refundable

Automate the return process from your Stripe account payments page. All service and processing fees are non-refundable.

Promotions & Marketing

Bulk Email Promotions

Notify your contact list of your upcoming events and sell tickets through bulk email.

Bulk Text Promotions

Purchase credits to promote using text messages to all of your available contacts.


Sell Access to your events to brand names or event organizers.


Create additional revenue and manage your sponsor offers including customer brochure upload and bulk invitations.

Promo Codes

Create and distribute a variety of promo codes for discount purchases on tickets and products.

Import Contacts

Import your leads or sponsors to events and leads to products and send bulk promotions. All contacts from sales for events or products are added to your lists.

Reports & Analytics

Event Summary

See a total summary of your events' total revenue, tickets sold, page visits, and leads

Product Summary

See a summary of your products' overall sales, acquired leads, stats, and total revenue.

Co-Promotion Summary

Review sales, leads, and revenue from any co-promotion you have purchased.

Purchase Summary

Your chronological history and proof of purchase for every item you have bought on FreshSqz.

Brand Name Leads

Track the accumulated leads, revenue, and products sold under your brand name.

Event Organizer Leads & Sponsors

Track the accumulated leads, sponsors, revenue, and tickets sold under your event organizer info.

Sales Summary

View your sales history for every ticket, promotion, or product purchased by attendees and members.

Open Shipments

Manage all of your shipping tasks and confirm all of your products are on the floor and out the door.

Registration Page

Keynote Speakers

Showcase your presenters to inquiring attendees displaying their titles, photos, and bios.

Sponsor Summary

Invite sponsors to donate and display all registered sponsors by an image linked to their FreshSqz storefront.

Event Description

List the most releavent details you would like readers to know about your event.

Save Event

Visitor can save your evnet to their preferred calendar.

Organizer Profile

Allow automated support for your attendees using your organizer email address.

Promote On Events

Allow brand names and event organizers to promote on your event or virtual swagbag for a fee.

Event Schedule

Notify attendees of your events scheduled activities before, during, and after the event.

Event Location

Show your audience the exact location of your event or venue with Google Maps.

Early Registration

Promote early registration on your public or private event pages.

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