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Create a professional sponsor proposal.

Tools to Attract and Collect Funding

Raise Funds

Host a sponsorship opportunity on your event page, under the sponsors tab. Create multiple offers with clear incentives. Set custom pricing, limit open slots, automate accepting funds, and allow pledging from the event page.

List Benefits

Present a stellar case for funding that will clearly outline the benefits of promoting with your event. Beautifully showcase your event details, market research, project scope, audience, and contact information. Download this report and view from any device.

Manage Requests

Pre-screen all candidates before promoting them on your event page. Get to know their brand and its product during the (3) step screening process. Simplify communication with automated responses and get notified by email when a prospect makes an offer.

Invite Sponsors

Upload your contacts to FreshSqz for quick execution of bulk marketing. Send sponsor invitations via email or text message. Enjoy free promotion of your sponsorship opportunity in our marketplace. Get notified by email when a sponsor starts the funding process.

Additional Benefits

Quick Payout

Get notified by email after making a sale or when you have a pending product order.

Secure Checkout

Process credit cards and secure your data with Stripe 256-bit SSL encryption.

Free Listing

All sponsor proposals are automatically searchable in the FreshSqz Marketplace once created.

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